LIFT Annual Report 2012: oneLIFT - Page 15

LIFT is Letting Individuals Find Themselves I just want to tell you what LIFT is to me. I like to create acronyms and to me LIFT is letting individuals find themselves. I know this because LIFT helped me to find myself. When I first met LIFT or found LIFT or LIFT found me, it was in March 2009. This was at a time in my life when I felt lost and afraid. I had just completed 14 months of chemotherapy. I had separated from the husband of 35 years for the third time, and that’s been the last time so far. I have two adult daughters who had moved out of the nest. I found myself alone in a big fourbedroom house. I had totally isolated myself from everyone and as a result of my illness, I ended up unemployed and it was clear that I needed a LIFT. I found myself in the middle of a storm. As a direct result of LIFT’s assistance, I’ve been able to get my house out of foreclosure, update my resume, gain employment, and continue my education with the free computer Angela classes that are held at LIFT. Yes, free! There is no co-payment and I don’t need a referral. This has been amazing because I’ve learned so much. I started out in the beginner’s class and now I am proud to say that I am in the intermediate class. LIFT is not your run-of-the-mill social services organization. At a time when businesses and entities were packing up and leaving our neighborhood, LIFT decided to park themselves in West Philly. With LIFT, I feel like I’m in a relationship with family. They support me, they push me, they educate me. They taught me how to expand my network. From day one, we’ve built trust with one another. LIFT’s mission of giving people opportunities is ringing true all throughout the States. I just want to thank you for so generously helping me. The LIFT-Philadelphia team helped me discover strength that was either buried or that I didn’t know was there. Yes, I had accomplished many things on my own--I went to nursing school and I had a wonderful job at a health insurance company, but when that storm came, I pretty much gave up on it all. Today I am employed as a Certified Peer Specialist where I work to help individuals get through times of crisis. I offer those reading this a charge. I charge you to continue to support LIFT in order to allow people to find their aspirations and get through their own storm. Please continue LIFTing. Stories like mine are what you’re supporting. You are helping to transform lives every single day. Scan the QR code or visit to watch Angela tell her story ALLEN LIFT-PHILADELPHIA LIFT IMPACT REPORT 2012 13