LIFT Annual Report 2012: oneLIFT | Page 8

JULY 2011 LIFT-NEW YORK is serving our nation’s finest with its Single Stop Veterans Initiative to bring our ‘one-stop’, comprehensive, peer-based service to veterans and their families in New York City. The initiative’s first tax preparation event served 103 clients, many of whom also worked with the LIFT team on additional goals they set for themselves and their families. AUGUST 2011 On August 5th, a LIFT client was featured in a national CNN piece on the rise in food stamps use in America. After a 30+ year career in the food industry, Frederick Mack utilized public assistance to make ends meet in the shortterm while actively searching for a job that would make a better future for him. The piece deconstructed stereotypes of who is on public benefits and what they buy. JULAUGSEPOCTNOVDEC J AUGUST 2011 LIFT expands into Los Angeles: We hired LIFT-LOS ANGELES Executive Director Michelle Rhone-Collins and welcomed advisory board members Claire Hoffman & Cash Warren to the board. LIFT-LA is located in the Magnolia Place Family Center, a beautiful community facility located in the Pico Union/West Adams community. Client service is expected to begin in early 2013. Photo Credits: Dean Souleles, Max Flatow Photography, & Albert Yee 6 LIFT IMPACT REPORT 2012 NOVEMBER 2011 LIFT-DC Fall Event draws nearly 300 people