LFDA Brochure & Class Schedules 2022-2023 - Page 6


Lyrical dance is a style that combines ballet , jazz , and modern dancing techniques . This style concentrates on an individual approach and expressiveness while working with precision of the dancer ’ s sharp and often fluid movements . Lyrical is strongly associated with clearly displayed emotional moods , fast-moving choreographic strategies , and an emphasis on virtuosic display .
LYRICAL 2 / 3 This class is for students in Ballet , Modern or Jazz level 2 or 3 . LYRICAL 4 / 5 This class is for students in Ballet , Modern or Jazz level 4 or 5 .


Tap dance is an upbeat form of American dance that was influenced greatly by African rhythms and Irish dance styles . It is characterized by using tap shoes and the floor as a percussive instrument . Our tap program focuses on principles of rhythm , musicality , tap history , and performance quality . Students will explore the dance and performance aspects of broadway tap , the musical side of rhythm tap and everything in between .
TAP 1 ( 8Y +) will give students a basic vocabulary of tap steps and terminology . They will begin to explore music theory and the history behind steps and dances they learn in class . Through a variety of combinations they will work on principles of timing and technique .
TAP 2 will continue to explore intermediate variations of previously learned material , and begin to work on a variety of turning steps and time steps . Students will learn to count tap steps and continue to work concepts of musicality .
TAP 3 will give students a greater understanding of music theory with an emphasis on dynamic qualities such as polyrhythm , tempo , shading and time signature . Focus on more advanced movement and vocabulary , as well as concepts of improvisation will be explored at this level of study .
TAP 4 students will continue to work on more advanced tap technique by applying principles of clarity , speed and rhythm . TAP 5 is designed for the advanced tapper who has a clear understanding of musicality and movement based tap skills .
OPEN LEVEL TAP is a class for the student , ages 13-18 , with little to no dance experience who is looking to begin studying tap in a more relaxed environment . Classes offered by the semester .