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The Lexington School provides an education of the highest quality in a structured , nurturing community . We instill integrity , a joyful pursuit of learning , and a strong work ethic .

The mission and philosophy of The Lexington School is the beacon for strategic planning . All guiding principles , priorities , goals , and action plans are rooted in a deep understanding of the values represented in every carefully considered word . the vision

An overview of The Lexington School ’ s 2020 Strategic Plan
The Lexington School is more than a school ; it is a community , a family . During difficult times , the entire community is known to rally in the same courage and resilience that is
2 which they will live well after their years 3

In our supportive environment where children are known , they develop courage . Courageous children take risks , and we embrace the growth that emerges from their success and failure . We succeed when our graduates crave achievement and live with purpose phiLosophy

beyond themselves . true in the philosophy of the school .
A strong strategic plan is not a checklist . It is a map that has many options for travel--short paths and long ones , easy ones , and ones that stretch us to the limit . The Lexington School ’ s 2020 Strategic Vision looks to the future with confidence in the School ’ s impact on the next generation of students who learn here and in their impact on the world beyond themselves .
We will maximize the potential of each child at The Lexington School through a focused program of academic excellence , engaging , challenging , and cohesive experiences . The programs of the school will prepare every student intellectually , socially , and emotionally for the world in
at The Lexington School . Our students will live in a world where information will be readily available but the wisdom to analyze , interpret , and apply it to complex challenges will be critical .
The priorities and goals of the 2020 Strategic Vision provide many paths for the fulfillment of this vision and with the understanding that it requires the commitment of everyone within the School community to assure its success . Our gifted faculty , dedicated parents , and the students themselves will collectively stretch and grow through this work . We will achieve more than we know and feel the reward of a purpose beyond ourselves when we have succeeded .