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Booktalking is a part of implementation of a reading program at our school called Narodowy Program Rozwoju Czytelnictwa.

The goal is to briefly advertise the book, not as a summary or a review, but rather the story / plot, characters or to quote a few sentences from the book in such a way that the listeners want to reach for it and read it themselves.

The main principle of booktalking books is not to disclose all information about the book, but to include only "tempting" fragments. Such presentations should be like a glimpse of what is really interesting between the covers of the book.

This form of classes is consistent with the NPRCz, which in addition to popularizing reading is also intended to implement the core curriculum, in this case improving language skills and confronting the art of self-presentation, with which a high school graduate meets with an oral and native language.

Quite a few presentations have been carried out so far during English lessons in each third class.

You can see the presentations given by students of our school in this issue of our magazine.