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Special focus: Legal recruitment Santos Vítor stresses that, in dire need of search firms while PLMJ prefers internal who have big databases and growth, new laterals have to be have the tools to introduce open minded and pro-active, fewer candidates with the right but the law firm – and more skills set,” he comments. Unlike specifically the team that will some candidates who may accommodate the newcomer be applying to firms directly, – also has to work on the recruiters claim they often have integration process. an understanding of the specific nature of the legal market in question, We believe our as well as knowledge professionals are the best of the firms, ambassadors for promoting and practice our culture. areas, that are currently Adela García de Tuñón expanding. Hogan Lovells Consequently, recruiters say they are often able to better Peña Oriol says that recruiters match candidates with suitable also sometimes have to convince destinations. lawyers tha t a lateral move Whether the sourcing of will be beneficial: “Law firms candidates is done internally want the best lawyers and they or externally, lawyers and are highly valued within their recruiters say there are common current firms. The recruiter´s qualities that most firms are work is not only to propose a seeing. Kress expects firms will new project to the lawyer, we want to grow by enhancing also have to make him or her current client relationships and understand why the change creating new ones with lateral is going to be good for their hires. career.” Filipe Romão, a partner at Uría Menéndez in Lisbon, Too many CVs Sometimes they don´t fit adds that one of the biggest Alejandro Kress, associate Sancho Peña Oriol, a Madridchallenges is being able to director and Iberia head based recruiter at Acheron motivate young talent and offer at Shilton Sharpe Quarry, Partners, expands on the point, a career opportunity that allows highlights “big data” as an believing that firms usually for a satisfactory work-life want a client balance. portfolio. “Of course, this is a plus and not a Partnership no longer the At partner level, [the must,” he adds. main goal strategy] is to fulfil the “The personal Mendes Pinto believes these fit is the most sensitivities make lateral positions that our clients important hiring a strategic issue because deem as necessary as their consideration. firms have concluded that businesses’ expand. The hiring law basing growth purely on the firm wants to development of their lawyers’ Miguel Bermúdez keep the hired careers would not be sufficient. de Castro lawyer as long “First, young lawyers don’t want Jones Day as possible. to stay in the same firm forever, The lawyer second, partnership is no longer usually comes the principal goal to achieve,” with a different philosophy she says. “Although there are additional factor, specifically too and sometimes has a hard time still many exceptions, the truth is much information, too many CVs getting used to the new job, that many lawyers, even males, and too many emails. “We need sometimes they don´t fit and rather prefer to have a work-life to cope with time management, have to leave the firm.” balance instead of spending the hence HR professionals are also is to fulfil the positions that our clients deem as necessary as their businesses expand,” he says. “In particular, if we find a lawyer with a new set of skills or specialty that we don’t currently offer, and that we see a real need for, we are keen to hire. We do not take on many graduates as we work closely with select universities to ensure we get the best students to come and work for us as trainees during their studies. Many of our partners hold academic positions and can identify good juniors.” Thornton observes that the main complaint from HR departments at smaller to medium-sized law firms, however, is that they felt obliged to hire candidates referred by partners, despite them not necessarily being an ideal fit in terms of their experience. “As the market grows again, this model becomes unsustainable and in order to ensure that they get the best possible people in a busier market, external recruitment agencies are once again becoming the preferred means of accessing a larger, international pool of prospective hires,” she adds. “ “ ” ” January / February 2015 • IBERIAN LAWYER • 53 >>