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2BB AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MIA MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS GROUP TO THE SUN SENTINEL EDITOR'S NOTE When you turn the pages in this “Power” issue, you’ll no�ce a broad range of the most influen�al Black Americans in South Florida—from CEOs and judges to poli�cians and ar�sts. They are all to be commended. It’s important to note, power isn’t always about how much money you make or how much control you have over people and resources. It’s also about the posi�ve influence one has in their community and in people’s lives. Take Broward County Court Judge Kal Evans, one of Legacy’s dis�nguished honorees. From the �me he was 9 years old, living in the seedy Fort Lauderdale neighborhood known as “Tator Town,” he had aspira�ons of holding a powerful posi�on on the bench. Then life happened. Evans, his mother and li�le sister found themselves homeless. At 11, he recalls spending Christmas Day in a Miami homeless shelter. Clearly, this humbling experience was not enough to break him. AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MIA MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS GROUP TO THE SUN SENTINEL FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017 “I’ve always been determined to exceed the expecta�ons people had of me,” says Evans, who's raising a young daughter with his wife, Fiona. It’s a triumphant story he now shares when speaking to children at local schools and homeless shelters. He says his tes�mony allows him to connect with disadvantaged kids who look like him and who, too, have the poten�al to exceed society’s expecta�ons. That’s power. Legacy Magazine’s “Power” honorees were nominated by members of the community. They were then selected by this publica�on based on their professional and philanthropic accomplishments. This is an opportunity for us not only to celebrate the successes of Black Americans in Miami, but to encourage them to con�nue transforming our communi�es and the world. So when you see them in person, make sure you congratulate them. And, at the same �me, hold them responsible for represen�ng us in the most posi�ve light. "... POWER ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE OR HOW MUCH CONTROL YOU HAVE OVER PEOPLE AND RESOURCES." Russell Motley Editor-in-Chief Legacy Miami Magazine FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017 South Florida "Providing News/Information and Connecting Florida’s Black Affluencers and Influencers" Power Issue Introducing South Florida's Most Powerful and Influential Black Professionals in Business and Industry for 2017 Subscribe to and view the digital version of Legacy Magazine Facebook: Facebook.com/TheMIAMagazine Twitter and Instagram: @TheMIAMagazine #BeInformed #BeInfluential #PowerIssue CREDO OF THE BLACK PRESS "The Black Press believes that America can best lead the world away from racial and na�onal antagonisms when it accords to every person, regardless of race, color or creed, full human and legal rights. Ha�ng no person, fearing no person, the Black Press strives to help every person in the firm belief that all hurt as long as anyone is held back." VITA Healthcare Paves Way for Diversity--Meet 3 Black Executives Making a Difference Broward Entrepreneur Capitalizes on Your Rainy Days Mayor Andrew Gillum Hopes to Make History as Florida’s Next Governor (On the cover le� to right, Diane Deese, Donna Borland and Diana Smith) Photo by Teekay and Make up by Rory Lee Member of the Black Owned Media Alliance (BOMA) Dexter A. Bridgeman CEO & Founder Russell Motley Editor-in-Chief Kervin L. Clenance Group Publisher Denise St. Patrick-Bell PhD Copy Editor Zachary Rinkins Editor at Large Toni Harrigan Associate Editor Nordene Bartley Marke�ng Manager Md Shahidullah Art Director Nestor Calixto / Intern