Legacy 2017 Miami: 40 Under 40 Issue - Page 14

14BB AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MIA MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS GROUP TO THE MIAMI HERALD Millennial By Gregoire Carter Narcisse Loyalty. The dic�onary defini�on of the word is “giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or ins�tu�on.” I am 22 years old and when I look at my parents’ genera�on, the genera�on before them, and all the ones that preceded, loyalty remains one of the strongest moral concepts to which we cling with relentlessness. Loyalty to your loved ones, loyalty to your preferred brands, Career and Leadership By Mary V. Davids When feeling undervalued at work is frustra�ng, looking elsewhere for employment is a reasonable op�on to consider. However, star�ng over can be stressful too, especially if yo