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ADD THESE DELICIOUS PRODUCTS TO HELP NOURISH YOUR BODY, SUPPORT YOUR FAT LOSS PROGRAM, AND/OR ACCELERATE RESULTS!* MODERE GO ‡ Afternoon slump, meet your match. Modere Go is expertly formulated with alpha GPC, key vitamins and minerals plus natural caffeine to provide balanced energy, focus and alertness when you need it most. Function at peak performance whether you’re on carpool duty, hitting the boardroom or racing against the clock with your next deadline. Sugar-free Go is a delicious way to keep up your momentum, any time of day.* 14 LEAN BODY SYSTEM USER GUIDE MODERE RUSH ‡ Use Modere Rush 15-30 minutes prior to exercise. Packed with cutting-edge ingredients and key amino acids to boost energy, enhance performance and support your muscles, Rush is the smartest way to warm up for an efficient workout, whether you’re ready to hit the gym, the mat or the pavement.* ‡ These products contain caffeine, as does Modere Burn, a component of the Lean Body System. When supplementing your Lean Body System regimen with Modere Go or Modere Rush, please limit consumption to less than 200mg caffeine at a time and less than 400mg per day. MODERE RECOVER Cool down with Modere Recover. Featuring electrolytes, antioxidants and amino acids to enhance muscle recovery and promote rapid hydration, Recover helps you bounce back quickly after exercise with minimal muscle discomfort, so you can achieve maximum results.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. PROBIOTIC With revolutionary encapsulation technology, Modere Probiotic colonizes 5 times better than typical uncoated strains, with a guaranteed 5 billion encapsulated live cells.* Slightly sweet, crisp cucumber flavor – no water necessary!