Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 9 | Page 25

USE THE PRODUCTS FIRST, THEN SHARE HOW THEY MADE YOU FEEL. IT IS A NETWORK BUSINESS, BUT YOU SHOULDN’T ONLY FOCUS ON THE BUSINESS. FOCUS ON HOW YOU CAN BENEFIT OTHERS. THAT WILL HELP YOU SUCCEED. He made himself available to help anyone start building their dōTERRA business, wherever they were at, whether they were in his direct downline or not. His advice to others is to not let the opportunity to build a dōTERRA business slip away. He says, “Don’t miss your Successful events: chance. I truly believe that dōTERRA is building its own brand in network marketing and it is a real opportunity for everyone. If you share this opportunity with everyone, you will reach the level you are striving for.” Hold them as often as possible WHEN I SEE MY PARENTS PRAYING FOR ME EACH DAY AND NIGHT, I MAKE MYSELF A PROMISE TO SUCCEED. Focus on products Connect with each person in attendance Share your passion and knowledge “My upline leaders are people that think of an organization’s profits before their personal profits. I am trying to do the same for my organization.” www.doterra.com 25