Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 2 - Page 9

new message executive diamonds The Hintze family in Washington DC “ ream, believe, create. When we dream and then believe, D we have the power to create.” Rebecca’s love for essential oils stemmed from her ability to help people emotionally. As an advocate of self-help and family health, essential oils complimented her teachings perfectly. Although she never thought she would sell dōTERRA, she couldn’t hide her passion for the products! In the beginning she found herself signing people up without realizing she was beginning to build her business. Rebecca found that building a dōTERRA business, in unpaved territory, can bring its own set of challenges. Living far from other dōTERRA consultants and the corporate office can feel isolating. Hard work and follow through were essential during the tough moments. She implemented a pattern for holding dōTERRA meetings—the same place, the same day, and the same time, every single week—no matter what. Despite Rebecca’s positive attitude and consistent efforts, a troubling time came when everything felt like too much. Her commitment to her family, published books, and dōTERRA seemed to be more than she could handle. At this same time, Shane began to understand the larger purpose of dōTERRA. From his own powerful experience with essential oils, he realized that if others could experience just a couple drops, their lives would be changed forever. When he understood that dōTERRA is an opportunity to serve others, he knew he needed to support Rebecca in her efforts to grow. “When Shane jumped in and supported me, my whole world came together,” Rebecca said. Shane has learned that there is no substitute for planning. They encourage others to ask themselves, “What needs to happen? Where will we be holding meetings? Where will we be traveling?” They say, “Follow through with your plan no matter how hard it gets.” Shane and Rebecca attribute their growth from Silver to Diamond to their consistent planning. Rebecca adds, “Believe in yourself and that you can do it. Believe you deserve it. When you pair a heart full of conviction and belief with detailed plans, you will get there. It is inevitable.” Building in Unpaved Territory family motto 9