Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 2 - Page 8

Building in Unpaved Territory NEW! FAVORITE PRODUCTS Immortelle (Item No. 3714) “I love everything about it, even the name!”–Rebecca A DIAMO RR “ ur dōTERRA business flows easily, effortlessly, and O with purpose.” Business Tip “ f you are waiting I for other people to help you succeed, you will never go anywhere. Success is a matter of doing. Be consis tent. Hold classes the same time and same place every week. If you have initiative and are consistent, you will grow.” 8 essential leadership | spring 2012 A long the eastern coast of the United States, Shane and Rebecca Hintze have started a momentum of dōTERRA living that is highly contagious and attracts the attention of others everywhere they go. Each Sunday in church, members of their local congregation like to sit by the Hintze family because they love the smell of essential oils. There is no stopping the attention dōTERRA essential oils have brought to the Hintze family in Washington DC. Between telecommunications, broadcast journalism, and family sciences both Shane and Rebecca Hintze have been busy making their mark on the world. Rebecca is a published author of two books, “It’s Time to Dance” and the international best seller, “Healing Your Family History.” Shane, on the other hand, was influential in launching the world’s largest commercial satellite in 2009. In the midst of their exciting careers, they have made a point to set aside time for their four children, Ashlee, Nicholas, Katie, and Michael. When dōTERRA entered their lives, the last thing they were looking for was a business venture. S ND rebecca & Shane hintze dōTE Lifelong Vitality (Item No. 3421) “This product has been a life changer, I am addicted. I never leave on a trip without it.”–Shane NEW!