Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 2 - Page 25

new message executive diamonds The Ford family in Mesa, Arizona a fundraising business owner. Scott has been a general contractor for nearly twenty years, but their dōTERRA business has by far been their most fulfilling and rewarding business venture. Essential oils were not new to the Ford home. As a family, they had been using essential oils since the early 90’s. However, they noticed a difference when introduced to dōTERRA. “When compared to the essential oils we had used in the past, it was immediately apparent that the quality of dōTERRA was top notch,” Rhonda said. Despite this realization, the Fords drug their feet and did not become completely engaged in the business opportunity. It was not until their second year as consultants that they began to see the opportunity the company presented. “It was slow going and we experienced many frustrations, but we did not give up. We were consistent in sharing the oils,” Rhonda said. With any new business venture there are struggles, but Rhonda is a fairly stable optimist. She believes that because she and Scott are so passionate about dōTERRA products, their excitement shines through when sharing. Rhonda said, “When people find you’re not so serious, but knowledgeable, they have a smile on their face and enjoy the presentation a little more.” The Fords feel that dōTERRA has provided them a vehicle worth smiling about, despite their struggles. Their advice would be that if you are trying to do this business, that you stop trying and just do it. Their motto is “be persistent and consistent.” They, like others, have experienced moments of defeat. They realize that new consultants will want to throw in the towel more than once, and say, “this isn’t worth it!” However, the Fords feel that if you love dōTERRA products and fail to share that knowledge, you are cheating others out of an experience. “It is amazing that when you begin to share something personal, 90% of people respond with similar concerns. Share, share, share, you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain,” said Rhonda. In their persistent efforts, the Fords have found that their previous knowledge and experience has better prepared them to aid others. They have worked to empower families as they educate them on natural health. Through their efforts they have seen changes in the lives of so many. These changes have not only been physical and emotional, but also financial. “It is wonderful to be able to share the possibilities that open up for people as a result of simple lifestyle changes. There is an alternative way to achieve health and financial security,” Rhonda said. Persistent and Consistent “ ife is a marathon. How are you preparing for it? It takes time and work for our bodies to L reach marathon condition. Our health is no different, by using dōTERRA products and making simple lifestyle changes we can condition our health for life’s marathon.” 25