Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 2 - Page 23

I am a real life “soccer mom” in the truest sense of the word. There is nothing extraordinary about me. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and we have five amazing children. Before I was introduced to dōTERRA, my time was filled with running kids to practices, PTA, volunteering at church, and all the necessary tasks meant to keep a household running. I have a bucket list of things that I want to do “someday” but haven’t found the time for yet. When I was presented with dōTERRA, I was not looking for something else to fill my time. However, I became infatuated with dōTERRA essential oils. I knew they were better than anything I had been using previously. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing them. This of course, translated into me “doing the business” without even knowing it. I was teaching classes, talking to friends and strangers, and doctoring up kids on the soccer field, all while balancing the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother. My business grew and I was content to do dōTERRA ‘on the side,’ so to speak. I set goals to advance in rank, but I did nothing to push myself outside my comfort zone. Finding my “Why” About eight months ago, everything changed for me. After a lot of careful consideration and prayer, we decided that my husband would take a job out of state. He would be moving to North Dakota, over 800 miles away, and the kids and I would be staying behind. I knew having him gone 3 weeks out of each month was going to be a challenge, but I had no idea just what I was getting into. A few months into this new arrangement, I found what I had been missing, my “why.” A reason to push myself outside my comfort zone, I wanted to build a business where I could work side-by-side with my husband. I wanted to create more family time. Commitment and Desire Fortunately, at the same time, Diamond Club was beginning. No matter how I spun it, both on paper and out loud, it seemed like the worst idea possible. I had no idea how I was going to make it all work, but I knew that I wanted it. I was committed to seeing it through. My circumstances were not ideal, but I suddenly had a desire that was not there before. Being Honest with Myself I could have waited until the next time around, when No matter who you are, no matter what obstacle you think lies in your path. No matter how many other things you have that create demand on your time, if you can figure out your “why” then you can do this. things in my life were calmer, but I knew that if I was to be honest that there would never be a perfect time. I have a friend whose mother used to tell her, “If you don’t want something bad enough, any old excuse will do!” I had a list of excuses—I didn’t have enough time for a business, I wasn’t business savvy. My kids were too busy, my husband was working out of town, and I didn’t have the help. There were so many people better suited for this, I didn’t like network marketing, and the list goes on. I had to decide to work with what I had rather than wait for some ideal situation that may never come. I could have sat back content with making excuses and waiting, but instead my “why” propelled me forward. My point is this, no matter who you are, no matter what obstacle you think lies in your path, if you can figure out your “why,” then you can do this. It won’t matter what unique circumstances you find yourself in. With desire and commitment, you can turn today into the first day of an incredible journey. I am so glad that I did! Every day I get closer to my goal. I WILL be a dōTERRA Presidential Diamond. I WILL have the family time that I want. I WILL spend every day working with what I have in order to reach my goals. 23