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new diamonds The Miller family in Pleasant Grove, UT going to have a pantry full of the same products,” Dave said. However, that didn’t stop Tammy from accepting a few essential oils from a friend. The Millers were going out of town and she simply stuffed them into a bag. Kaitlin, their daughter, had been suffering with digestive problems for nine years. While out of town, she realized that she had forgotten her medication. Kaitlin had a severe stomachache, so Tammy pulled the essential oils from her bag. She used the lavender and peppermint from the trio kit. “Ten minutes later, she was feeling better. We thought it was a fluke.” Tammy said. However, mother’s intuition made Tammy take a deeper look. Tammy knew nothing about essential oils. She assumed that they could only be used if someone was ill. “I was like, ‘come on everyone get sick, so I can experiment.’ It was like my own little chemistry set,” Tammy said. Their initial knowledge was limited, but as they continued to use the essential oils the impact was the same. They wanted to learn more. They spoke with the dōTERRA executive team about the company and how it worked. They learned about the products, and finally, they agreed to do the business. That decision was not easy. Dave had a full-time job that he needed to maintain, and Tammy was the fulltime mother of four. They had a lifestyle to which they had grown accustomed and a couple thousand dollars a month wasn’t going to do anything for them. Neither Dave, nor Tammy could give up their current role, but they could do something each day to build their dōTERRA business. Tammy said, “I share dōTERRA if it comes up naturally in conversation. I’m not aggressive, but I am consistent.” The Millers understand that this business takes time, especially when you choose not to give up on current pursuits. Dave said, “Really, three or four years is not that long. I have to laugh when after six months people want to give up because they aren’t where they want to be financially. This isn’t a six month business. You wouldn’t choose to close your restaurant after six months. This is a long-term process.” For the Millers, this is about helping people and obtaining the lifestyle that comes with owning a successful business. They are familiar with the company and the people it attracts, and that is something they want to be a part of. Who Said You Can’t Do It All “ his isn’t a six-month business. You wouldn’t choose to close T your restaurant after six months. This is a long-term process.” 21