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Global UPDATE “ ōTERRA is focused first and foremost d on the products. Once products are understood and used, the business becomes a reality.” -Corey Lindley, CFO Taiwan: Paving the way for Asian Markets Taiwan is dōTERRA’s largest international market. In December of 2011 they had their first million-dollar month! Success in the Taiwan market has given dōTERRA high expectations for other Asian markets. Asians have been using essential oils for thousands of years for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. The purity of dōTERRA’s essential oils is something that is taking Asia by surprise. They have never experienced essential oils of such high integrity. Japan: A land of potential and promise dōTERRA products were first shipped to Japan in 2008. Over the past three years, the quantity of products shipped to Japan has expanded exponentially. Even without an office in Japan, dōTERRA has grown significantly. dōTERRA is different than many of the direct selling companies in Japan. Many companies are focused first and foremost on making money. dōTERRA is focused first and foremost on the products, including a wide variety of essential oils, nutritional supplements, personal care, and household products. Once products are understood and used, the business becomes a reality. essential oils, but is very discriminating, demanding only the highest quality of products. The potential for Japan is large, but the strategy has to be just right. Guam: A Place for Strategy and Planning In January 2012, current and future leaders of the Japan market were invited to attend a three-day strategy conference in Guam to prepare for Japan’s opening. Dynamic strategies for the Japan launch were discussed, as well as specific product trainings, and certifications. This conference allowed dōTERRA executives to build long-term relationships with current and future leaders in Japan. Gregory C. Cook, Vice President Operations and International Future: What comes next? Although dōTERRA is in its infancy when it comes to international expansion, growth is happening everywhere! There is significant growth in every market dōTERRA is providing services. We are committed to supporting this growth in a systematic and orderly manner, so that IPCs around the world can succeed in taking essential oils into mainstream society and improve the world in which they live. IPCs from 16 countries and 5 continents attended convention in late 2011 Japan is the 2nd largest direct selling market in the world, second only to the United States, with several hun dred companies operating there. The Japanese market understands and appreciates 19