Leadership Magazines Leadership Magazine Issue 2 - Page 12

From Product User to Dynamic Leader NEW! our FAVORITE PRODUCTS Balance (Item No. 3101) “I love using it in my yoga practice.”–rachel “ bought each of my children a Family Physician kit. They love it. I They feel my same sense of empowerment.” Business Tip “ t’s okay to feel I uncomfortable. It’s when we feel comfortable that we need to step up and push ourselves. It’s up to us to succeed.” A DIAMO RR S ND rachel & brian jones dōTE Deep Blue (Item No. 3138) “My first comment after finishing the Iron Man was, ‘If I didn’t have this oil, I wouldn’t have made it.’ Rachel has it on video.”–Brian NEW! I f you have had the opportunity to know Rachel as a dōTERRA consultant, then you might be shocked to hear her describe herself as “once too timid to go after my dreams.” Rachel describes dōTERRA as a road to self-development. “It has changed everything,” she said. “The person I am, the way people see me.” However, dōTERRA can’t take all the credit. dōTERRA gives an individual the opportunity and resources to build their own business. It’s what people do with that opportunity that counts, and Rachel has done some amazing things. Rachel was a new high school graduate, ready to experience life and not interested in anything serious, when her sister suggested she go out with Brian. At the time, they were in two different areas of life and Rachel wasn’t sure if it would work. However, when her friend piped in and said she would go, Rachel’s competitive nature inspired her to jump in with a, “No, she asked me.” She never expected to like Brian, but sometimes our best laid plans give way to something better. Rachel did like Brian, a lot. Despite her busy schedule, working full-time, and attending massage therapy school in the evening, they continued to date and were soon married. While attending school to become a massage therapist, Rachel was introduced to aromatherapy. However, at the time she just wasn’t interested. It wasn’t until she 12 essential leadership | spring 2012