Leadership magazine Sept/Oct 2015 V45 No 1 | Page 34

Why computer science matters Mere access to technology won’t bridge the digital divide. Students need engaged computer science learning opportunities to build creative thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills that involve computing. F rom the arts and entertainment to agriculture, healthcare or finance, computer science is driving innovation across all fields. Computer science education provides an opportunity for schools to focus on the deeper learning and problem solving that the discipline of computer science requires. High paying jobs abound for students who have computer science knowledge and skills, preparing them to create the new technologies that drive California’s economy. Over the last 20 years, states and school districts have worked hard to bridge the “digital divide” by increasing access to technology in schools and communities. But mere access to technology and its existing tools (such as smartboards and iPads) isn’t sufficient. Students need to know how to use technology, and they need engaged computer 34 Leadership science learning opportunities to build creative thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving skills that involve computing. However, computer science