Leadership magazine Nov/Dec 2015 V45 No 2 - Page 34

Leveraging AVID to address LCAP goals Believing that all students can learn is the principal belief of the Oxnard Union High School District, which is employing a schoolwide AVID strategy to close achievement gaps. 34 Leadership Oxnard Union High School District has been recognized for the implementation of the Linked Learning and 21st Century learning models, and has been recognized by the Advancement Via Individual Determination Center for leveraging AVID in addressing Local Control and Accountability Plan goals and working toward closing the achievement gap, a mission critical for our community. At a time when education is so vital in preparing a highly skilled workforce for the emerging global economy, it is paramount that all students be college, career and life ready. Given this economic imperative to promote work-based learning, both the achievement and skills gaps are troubling because they often lead to disparity between the performances of students as assessed by the new LCAP measures. The gaps in achievement between subgroups present a formidable challenge to educators and policymakers alike. The achievement gap is the result of many factors, including inequity of funding, which the new Local Control Funding Formula is designed to address; institutional, family and socio-economic challenges; as