Leadership magazine Nov/Dec 2015 V45 No 2 - Page 20

Community and industry partners: ANOTHER ‘LINK’ IN LINKED LEARNING Business and industry need students who are college and career ready; that’s why the new state standards make sense, and why they are more important than ever. 20 Leadership Our world is changing. That is not really news to educators around the state. However, while it is easy to say we know the world is changing, it is much harder to change what our students experience within the classroom to prepare them for that changing world. And that is really the key to all that we do – preparing our students for the challenges of their world; not preparing them for the world of the past. That’s why, over the last few years, districts and county offices of education have been focused on shifting to the new California Standards. It really is about what students need; not what adults need. With that in mind, it’s about what our communit y, business and industr y need as well. If you look across the state, millions of dollars in training and new materials have been spent to implement the new standards. A new assessment system has been created, and millions more have been in- vested in technology to accommodate this new learning and testing model. All the while, the airwaves are filled with questions and concerns about the new educational approach. So why, under tremendous scrutiny, did California shift to a new set of standa