Leadership magazine Nov/Dec 2015 V45 No 2 - Page 16

Defining expectations and resources for California standards ELA/ELD and math frameworks ensure an instructional shift away from “teaching to the test” to teaching to the highest levels of critical thinking and application of knowledge. 16 Leadership “All California students of the 21st century will attain the highest level of academic knowledge, applied learning and performance skills to ensure fulfilling personal lives and careers and contribute to civic and economic progress in our diverse and changing democratic society.” – State Board of Education, 2012 The California English Language Arts/ English Language Development Framework and Mathematics Framework provide a distinctive and unique vision for the implementation of the California Standards. Singular in the nation, California has courageously confronted the question of how to provide access and equity to all Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and has addressed this in the state frameworks. The frameworks are a free guide for educators to reference, not only addressing how the CCSS and English Language Development (ELD) Standards are implemented but also the role of assessment, strategies and equitable access for all of California’s diverse learners. A common misconception in California is that school and district investment of time in understanding the new state standards is synonymous with understanding the frameworks. It is important to understand that the standards tell us “what” to teach, and the frameworks tell us “how instruction should look for the students of California.” Time invested in learning the Common Core is a necessary first step, but not sufficient. The frameworks not only provide adult learning but also specific examples of classroom application. By Angel Barrett and JoAnn Isken