Leadership magazine May/June 2018 V47 No. 5 | Page 35


“ Classrooms don ’ t need tech geeks who can teach ; we need teaching geeks who can use tech .”
– David Guerin
“ The only difference between ‘ I ’ m techie ’ and ‘ I ’ m not techie ’ is the willingness to click on stuff and see what happens .” – Alice Keeler
“ There is no better way to understand how social media platforms work than to use them yourself . Social media is here to stay and it plays a huge role in the lives of students . You can jump onboard the train and help guide their journey , or be blindsided by it .” – Susan M . Bearden
“ When schools tell students to put technology away , it ’ s like asking a doctor to save a life with one hand tied behind his back .” – Matt Miller
“ People say , ‘ Aren ’ t you worried what students may do in the digital world ?’ My response , ‘ I ’ m more worried if we don ’ t teach them how .’”
– Scott Garofola
“ Tech gives the quietest student a voice .”
– Jerry Blumengarten
“ Technology is a part of our everyday lives and it allows us to connect with people from all over the world , but we still need to be able to connect with the people right next to us .” – Megan Roberts
“ Our students don ’ t come to school saying , “ Hey , I think I ’ ll use technology today !” They just use it because it ’ s like an appendage that they grew up with . We should stop using it as if it ’ s an add-on .”
– Peter DeWitt
“ Technology will never replace great teachers , but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational “ – George Couros
“ Technology still gets a bad rap in many education circles . Perception and lack of information influence the decision-making process . This ends up resulting in the formation of rules and policies that severely restrict or prohibit student use of mobile technology and social media as tools to support and / or enhance learning .” – Eric Sheninger
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