Leadership magazine May/June 2015 V 44 No 5 - Page 5

Leadership Vol. 44, No. 5 • May/June 2015 Features 8 Building a shared understanding of learning When educators have an opportunity to collaborate in developing assessment practices, the impact on student learning can be very exciting. By Kathy Pon Columns 7 To our readers The most important collaborative practice for leaders: A principled path. By Randall V. Delling 11 Asked & Answered What skills are necessary to maintain a good relationship with your Board? With Sandy Thorstenson, Juan Garza and Lillian Maldonado French 15 Partners in preparation Three practical ways to partner with your local emergency responders. By Joe Viramontez 33 Viewpoint Seven daily habits of effective school leaders. By Devin Vodicka and Lisa Gonzales 12 Effective labor-management partnerships This district’s partnership is about more than civil cooperation. Labor and management actually work together to improve student achievement. By Mary Sieu 16 From obstacle to opportunity Organizational networks of support help ensure that learning works better for the students in these Juvenile Court and Community School programs in San Diego county. By Stacy Spector 20 Critical thinking in a global society By integrating a global perspective into the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, Antelope Valley Union HSD helped students better understand the world in which they will live and work. By Elizabeth McKinstry 22 Connecting learning to career pathways To prepare students for jobs in emerging fields, schools must begin with understanding student interest, then backwards-design a plan that links to the marketplace. By Michael John Roe 26 A model for linking learning Work-based learning experiences can help engage students and create relevance in the classroom. By Gabe Soumakian, Jim Rose and Mary Anne Rooney 28 Keeping school communities connected Mobile principals use social media to tear down school walls, connecting parents with school life and Common Core implementation. By Adam Welcome May/June 2015 5