Leadership magazine May/June 2015 V 44 No 5 - Page 21

by customizing their work-based learning experiences and aligning them to the anchor standards of CCSS. In September, six students of the academy competed in Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) - Outback Rescue Challenge held in Queensland, Australia. The two teams of students represented the only high school in the United States in the contest. The UAV-Outback Rescue Challenge is a prime example of government, industry and research collaborating to address a quickly emerging drone technology. This technology is vital to the Antelope Valley Community, which is home to a strong aerospace and defense industry. The mission of the competition is for students to develop an airborne delivery system that delivers a package to a lost explorer. learn and receive feedback and highlighting an important aspect of the deeper learning of CCSS. There were several challenges that arose during the competition that enforced problem-solving and critical thinking within the team, reinforcing the coll