Leadership magazine March/April 2018 V47 No. 4 | Page 23

Learning to educate the California Way The days of California’s reliance on a single standardized test for accountability purposes are over. While we had good intentions, we now recognize that we were using the wrong drivers for positive educational change. The implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula and the new California Standards drive an accountability system that differs from the previous one in almost every respect. Schools and local educational agencies throughout California now have a unique opportunity to reconfigure themselves as learning organizations committed to continuous improvement. The result of all of this work is emerging as the California Way, which builds on a collaborative team approach to positive education change and is now attracting national attention as an alternative to test-driven reform. The California Way rests on the belief that educators want to excel, trusts them to improve when given the proper supports, and provides Advocacy ACSA Political Affairs & Strategy: www.acsa.org/Advocacy/ political-affairs-and-strategy Education is a Right: Resources for undocumented students: www.acsa.org/Advocacy/ education-is-a-right Action Center: Find your legislator; take action on legislation: www.acsa.org/Advocacy Legislative Action Day, April 15-16, 2018, Sacramento: www.acsa.org/Advocacy/ legislative-action-day Advocacy in Action (download toolkit): www.acsa.org/ Advocacy/education-is-a-right local schools and districts with the leeway and flexibility to deploy resources so they can improve. The California Way engages students, parents, and communities as part of a collaborative decision- making process around how to fund and implement these improvement efforts, and provides supplemental resources to ensure that California’s English learners, foster youths, and students in poverty have the learning supports they need. ...Financial stability is essential for our state’s districts and schools to continue the exciting implementation of the far-reaching changes now under way. These include the implementation of new California Standards, the LCFF, and the transformation of California’s education accountability systems from the “test and judge” methods of the past to the “support and improve” approaches of the future that now have irreversible momentum. A Blueprint for Great Schools: Version 2.0 Equity ACSA Equity Institutes, a deeper focus on race/ethnicity through a culturally proficient lens: www.acsa.org/Educational- Services/Trainings#equityinst Videos from the ACSA Equity Project: https://goo.gl/3RR2BD The Education Trust–West: https://west.edtrust.org California Association of African American Superintendents and Administrators: www.caaasa.org California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators: www.calsa.org Accountability California Accountability Model & School Dashboard: www.cde.ca.gov/dashboard Getting to Know the California School Dashboard (PDF): https://goo.gl/tKivqP. California Collaborative for Educational Excellence: http://ccee-ca.org Teaming up for success: The California Way (PDF): www.aypf.org/wp-content/ uploads/2017/05/ aypfpres053117.pdf ACSA resources and professional learning on the new accountability system: www.acsa.org/Advocacy/ State-Issues/accountability March | April 2018 23