Leadership magazine March/April 2018 V47 No. 4 | Page 5

Association of California School Administrators Volume 47, No. 4 | March/April 2018 Features 8 12 18 Using the Dashboard to tell our stories California School Dashboard communications should be carefully tailored for different audiences and delivered strategically by the most effective spokespeople. By Lisa Gonzales and Holly Edds Leading for a positive school culture 24 A National Distinguished Principal shares core values that build teams dedicated to continuous improvement. By Angel Barrett Personalized supports for English learners Hesperia USD discovered it didn’t need to do more for students, it just needed to do things differently. By Cindy Costa Unlocking an effective coaching system To move school leaders to a higher level of competence, confidence and insight, coaching is essential. By Marco Nava, Delia Estrada, April Ramos, Maura Crossin, Jose Rodriguez and Maria Sotomayor CORRECTION In a sub-headline on page 26 of the November/December edition, the wrong information was introduced in editing. The sub-head in the article “Equity Masterminds” by Aliah K. MaJon should have read: “Tool No. 3 – warm demander.” Leadership staff apologizes for the error. What is ‘meaningful’ stakeholder engagement and how can we facilitate it? A three-year study finds few districts are engaging a wide range of individuals and groups in the process of local control and planning. By Julie A. Marsh and Kate E. Kennedy Leadership Find these online exclusives at www.acsa.org/publications: Eliminating the achievement gap from the ground up In Newhall SD, the ongoing development of a culture of learning and collaboration is addressing specific needs of students, with a primary focus on English learners. By Jeff Pelzel and Patty Maxfield Equity allies needed as effects of racism play out in our schools Anti-racist White co-conspirators know it is important to give their privilege away to enlighten others to sensitive issues like racism, classism, sexism and homophobia. By Sonjhia Lowery 26 30 The SANDI system supports students with intellectual disabilities The Riverside COE is raising expectation for what these students can achieve by implementing the Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory. By Kate Cahill, Rebecca Silva and Chun-Wu Li A practical approach to developing positive student-teacher relationships The power of the student-teacher relationship can be found in the stories of at-risk students who have been positively influenced in the classroom. By Trenton Hansen 36 How to ensure instructional change and sustain improvement 38 Building a teacher professional growth system The five phases of staff development implementation can help bridge the gap between a great workshop and the classroom. By Sue Kaiser Robla SD is innovating educator evaluation that embraces accountability and continuous improvement, redefining thinking and support of professional growth. By Susan O’Hara, Joanne Bookmyer, Robin Martin, Renee Newton and Ruben Reyes Have a response to an article? Tweet us @ACSA_Info! March | April 2018 5