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To Our Readers

Protecting student privacy goes beyond what is stored on school and district servers
California has been a leader in student data privacy protections and a March 2016 federal court ruling strengthening those protections is a step in the right direction . That ruling allows education leaders to maintain our role of guaranteeing the health and safety of all students .
But what is student data ? How is student data protection influenced by the identity theft crisis impacting millions of Americans ? As education leaders , do we focus singularly on student e-mail access , or monitoring online activities within our area networks ? Or do we do all of the above while creating awareness campaigns throughout our community ?
In Pacific Grove USD , we ’ ve committed to an infrastructure specifically designed to protect students and their personal information . We have multi-layer data protection measures currently in place , student data and online monitoring to prevent theft , filtered software , as well as password protection protocols .
The acquisition of more sophisticated security software , the roll out of student-centered and parent-powered digital citizenship programs , as well as services focused on online safety and security , has helped us achieve success , thus far . We can acknowledge that what is working now must evolve if we want to stay ahead of the curve on student data privacy .
As leaders , it ’ s important to know that the landscape of student data privacy is always changing . New threats are always coming our way and we must be proactive in delivering appropriate security to our students .
In this issue of Leadership Magazine , we ’ ll be tackling the issue of student data privacy . We ’ ll be focusing on the terminology of student data , what data is being collected , as well as the initial steps education leaders must take toward protecting student data .
DGI , one of our ACSA Partner4Purpose members , covers IT campus safety management . We ’ ll also have F3 Law tackle the issue of social media marketing for school administrators , as well as how one California school district is using technology to prepare new teachers .
Our first priority at ACSA is advocating for students and I think it is well within our wheelhouse to guarantee data privacy protections . I hope you ’ ll be able to use the information in this edition of Leadership Magazine to strengthen the work you ’ re doing within your districts . Sincerely ,
Ralph Goméz Porras ACSA President
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