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Association of California School Administrators Volume 46 , No . 4 | March / April 2017
8 What is student data and how we go about protecting our students ? Student data can be broadly defined as falling into two categories : Personally identifiable information or data which constitutes a student ’ s educational record . With identity theft on the rise , protecting student data is vital . By Tony Baldwin


7 To Our Readers Protecting student privacy goes beyond what is stored on school and district servers . By Ralph Gómez Porras
27 Asked & Answered What technology tool / resource has you most intrigued as to its potential ?
12 IT Campus safety management 101 Campus safety is mission-critical for all education entities . In the process of working with districts statewide , there are countless roadblocks to effectively manage campus safety . By Development Group Incorporated ( DGI )
14 Social media marketing for school administrators Social media is an efficient means to communicate school achievements and upcoming events in a format the school community understands and regularly interacts with . However , there are some practical and legal considerations to take into account when a school administrator is establishing a social media presence . By Gretchen Shipley
16 Preparing new teachers with technology Since the economic recession in 2007 , fewer young people have been entering the teaching profession . Layoffs , especially to some teachers with more than ten years ’ experience , delivered a message to college students who chose different career paths . But technology may be the key to reaching new teacher candidates . By Christine Jones
20 I want it now ! Three effective teaching strategies in the age where we want it all . Now . We live in an age of instant gratification . Yet education hasn ’ t caught up with the times quite yet . School leaders often find themselves well into a school year by the time the previous years ’ data is processed and released . Here ’ s how to transform a classroom into a datadriven , rigorous and high-achieving environment . By Carrie Lupoli
24 Tech integration : What ’ s new for schools Technology can take a normal school day and expand learning beyond the bell schedule . It allows students to travel far beyond the four walls of individual classrooms and into locations around the globe . By Lisa Gonzales and Geoff Belleau
28 Recognizing and understanding effective blended learning School leaders must know and understand what good use of technology looks like in the classroom . Blended learning offers exciting possibilities to engage high school students on new instructional environments mirroring career and work environments of the future . By Bobbie Plough
36 Robotics K-12 and your district College and career readiness is a focus of the work we do in public schools . One way to get students excited about college and career , while building important skills like problem solving and developing self-reliance , may reside in robotics . By Cindy Costa
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