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ships , which in turn might influence them to remain in the profession .
As we look ahead , we are discussing using social media to allow teachers to connect with each other in order to build their own Personal Learning Networks ( PLN ). Creating groups within Facebook , Google Plus , and even Twitter allows teachers to communicate more fluidly . They can share photos , lesson ideas , and resources in a way that was never possible . Good PLN ’ s take on a life of their own after a period of time . Teachers will go on learning and sharing long after their initial connections .
We continue to review new technologies and evaluate their use in our new teacher programs . Here are a few other ways that technology can contribute to developing the skills of new teachers :
• Video-conference : Connections with experts – new teachers can make connections with experts in the field to inform their instructional practices .
• Internet : No barriers – people can interact with content when and where they want , eliminating the need to wait until the instructor is available . No more “ One Size Fits All ” Instruction .
• LMS , Google Docs : Better feedback – real time , constructive conversations and assessments for new teachers from their coaches and mentors providing critical feedback for improvement .
• Social Media : Personal Learning Networks – Encourages teachers to make connections with others in the field , especially through social media , in order to grow their own professional learning network .
By no means is technology a panacea for our professional development woes . People will always desire to meet with others for deep discussions and to make connections . But in the end , technology can help us to reach others in a way that we never could before . We must take the time now , while the technology tools are still in their infancy , to develop the best ways for technology to facilitate instruction and to improve our connection to , and reflection of , the craft of teaching . If we don ’ t invest now in our new teachers through training and support , we will continue to lose teachers to other professions . Thus , our teacher shortage will become a national crisis .
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Christine Jones is the Coordinator of Educational Technology at Palmdale School District . She formerly worked for the Los Angeles County Office of Education as an Educational Technology Consultant for CTAP , and as a classroom teacher for the Wilsona School District . Christine is currently serving as a Board member for CUE-LA , an affiliate of CUE , and as Secretary for AVSCV CETPA , an affiliate of CETPA . She has been actively involved in educational technology for more than 25 years , and has been in education for 31 years .
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