Leadership magazine March/April 2017 V46 No. 4 - Page 14

Social media marketing for school administrators

What you say , when you say it , and how it ’ s interpreted could make or break your reputation .
Social media marketing is used to promote everything from magical skincare products to the latest weight-loss fad . Social media marketing is also quickly becoming a tool for school officials to promote themselves and their school districts . An incoming superintendent recently introduced himself to the school community via seven different forms of social media : Facebook , LinkedIn , Vine , YouTube , Twitter , Instagram , and Snapchat .
Social media is an efficient means to communicate school achievements and upcoming events in a format the school community understands and regularly interacts with . However , there are some practical and legal considerations to take into account when a school administrator is establishing a social media presence .
1 . Don ’ t mix business with pleasure If a school administrator is going to use social media to promote district achievements and upcoming events , it is recommended that the same social media account not be used to share highly personal photos and updates , since many social media services allow any “ friends ” to post and tag someone in messages or photos . Imagine that your mother-in-law posts an unflattering picture of you in a bathing suit from a recent family vacation to your social media account for the whole school community to see . While your mother-in-law might have only the best of intentions , you may not want your personal life so “ exposed .”
2 . Quiet in the wings
Some social media outlets make it difficult to remove unwelcome content unless it rises to the level of violating the law . For this reason , it is recommended that school administrators maintain a professional and respectful demeanor online and reduce the
By Gretchen M . Shipley
14 Leadership