Law of Attraction Magazine January 2019 - Page 23

Your Soul Purpose and The Law of Attraction work together because spiritually you've been "calling" out to The Universe for help! How? Here are some signs that you are being directed to discovering your Soul Business: 1. You dread going into work or try your best to figure out a way to leave early as often as possible. 2. You feel like the work you do doesn't satisfy you on a Soul level. 3. You desire a career helping people and being of service, unlike anything you've done before. 4. You seek out the ONE BIG ESCAPE subconsciously tied into your Life Mission - every single day. 5. You spend your lunch time and breaks indulging in that secret passion. 6. You even find this escape a "goto" when you're on the clock at your "Soul Sucking JOB"! 7. You may just rediscover your purpose as you find your Spiritual Awakening is alerting you to start it! Now if you're wondering whether all the "craziness" will go away, well, hopefully it will...because basically, it will depend on you. The signs are alerting us to our Soul Purpose won't go away - until you answer it! What is Your Calling? How are you destined to serve humanity in this lifetime? Here are the same questions that helped me get clear when it was time to answer the ?calling?. I hope this short exercise helps you as well: 1. What was your childhood escape? Children often go to a place of imagination, or play that pulls them away from the harsh reality of the 3rd and 4th dimensional life experiences. I invite you to take time to meditate and reflect on what that escape was for you ? right now. a. For me it was talking to my Spirit Guides and Angels. I would be so excited to be excused from the table Saturday morning?s. I could finally run outside to my secret hide away, and indulge in tea parties with my past ancestors. This allowed me to completely zone out from from the arguments my parents would have. For my little brother, it was about going super-fast on his bike,so he could pretend he was driving a race car. He even put baseball cards in his spokes so it sounded like a revved up engine! I?ll share with you later exactly what he does for a living and you?ll understand why this first step is a sign of what is to come in the future. 2. Next, you want to explore that same escape but on a teenage level. Why? Life gets rough when puberty hits. Our hormones and emotions are all over the place. Peer pressure to behave a certain way or have certain friends is strongest during adolescent years. Did you begin avoiding that ?one thing? that used to make you feel ?safe,? ?happy,? and ?secure?? You may find as you reflect, that you actually dove deeper into that escape because it was all you had that was comforting during those pivotal defining years. a. I found myself predicting things my friends would say or do, sharing with them that I knew things ? when they hadn?t told me or anyone for that matter. I stopped socializing with certain friends because I could hear them saying mean things about me while I was standing right there ? only they weren?t saying them out loud. It started getting weird and awkward so I just stopped saying anything about prophesying to anyone human. My little brother actually owned a car even though he wasn?t even old enough to legally drive yet. He was going to every car show there ever was! Can you see the pattern here? 3. At this point, use the same line of questioning into adulthood and seek the pattern in that escape that began so long ago. Page 23