Law of Attraction Magazine January 2019 | Page 10

W rite Your Book in 20 19 By D iane Samuels Why haven?t you writ t en your book yet ? Last year, a psychic asked my client Marlie why she still hadn?t written her book. Her jaw dropped. Years earlier, she?d heard the same thing from another psychic reader. Could the Universe be any clearer? Marlie always knew she had a book in her ? for women who struggle with self-love and body image. She?d just been waiting for the perfect time, which of course never came. ?When the psychic said that,? Marlie told me, ?I knew I couldn?t put it off any more.? Her book and online course are coming out in 2019. She is going to touch so many people and create amazing prosperity for herself. You shoul d writ e a book. Maybe people encourage you, but you feel overwhelmed when you think about writing your book. That?s how Rhonda felt. She had a truly horrifying, traumatic childhood and a long road in recovery, but today she literally radiates peace. She makes me believe we can overcome anything! This world needs inspirational stories like hers. I asked why she waited so long. Her ageless face broke into a beautiful smile. ?It seemed too big at first,? she said. ?I didn?t even know where to start.? Who woul d want t o read my book? Brett had stock-piled whole chapters he?d written over the years. In spite of my feedback that he is a beautiful writer, he came back three times to ask, ?It?s not crap? It?s not too personal? Will anyone even care?? For years he let Page 10