Law of Attraction Magazine January 2019 | Page 42

How Body Conf i dence Cures th e Law of Di stracti on Did you know that Distraction is the enemy of the Law Attraction? Did you know Body Confidence from your personal body knowledge system cures the distraction that interferes with your successful practice of the law of attraction which gets in the way of what you want in life? Every moment you spend energy on a distraction you are not approaching your vision for the future. Body Confidence from your body knowledge returns your attention to where it belongs: raising your vibration to attract all the good things life has to offer you and others who: TIP: from Distraction to Attraction! Body Confidence is a ?now? experience. We?ve made the point that we were all born with body confidence. Look at any baby who has a direct relationship with what he wants and getting it from his caretakers, often instantly! Now that?s the law of attraction in action. All babies have body confidence and are therefore able to attract what they need without pausing to consider whether they deserve it, earned it, or are worthy of meeting their needs in a timely fashion. By Coach St ephanie Wood, PCC As we mature, our natural body confidence fades under pressures from our environment and significant others. It?s still there but is buried beneath the often-negative energy our minds lay on our physical self. Judgments, criticism, despair are just three examples of the mind tricks played on our bodies to distract us from our worthwhile objectives. TIP:Knowledge is Positive Power! Body Knowledge is positive power in action. Moment to moment body knowledge allows us the confidence to focus on what we want and apply our positive energy to acquiring it. Your personal Body Knowledge System is one way of acquiring the intimate relationship with your body required to accelerate the Law of Attraction. When your body becomes your BFF, every step of the Law of Attraction process eases you into getting what you want---sooner rather than later. Your personal body knowledge system allows Page 46