Law of Attraction Magazine January 2019 | Page 39

Many would say that this is a very greedy selfish way to do. Then he asked me what would I do if I were on you were on the Titanic? How would I load the lifeboat? And I thought to myself that I'm going to put my family in there, then I thought, well if I wind up on some deserted island, I need a guy who can build a shelter, someone who can maybe hunt and fish, and perhaps a guy who can send signal flares from the island. He said to me, "That your golden goose." Paying yourself first means to prioritize the things that are of highest value to you. Paying yourself first also includes taking care of your companies or your income streams for your customers, your employees and all those who can help you build shelter hunt, fish and send distress signals. If I put all the money in my pocket and I'm the only guy on the lifeboat pretty soon, not only am I alone but I'm going to be dead, because I don't know how to do any of those skills. I think this is an important thing that we understand that when it comes to building wealth, we need to understand priority. We need take care of first things first as Stephen Covey says in "Seven Habits," you must take care of first things first. Then we begin to recognize what's important to keep to keep us alive instead of putting money into the wrong things and don't feed the right things. Jewels: I have to ask, how did you move into being a movie producer and director of the three most popular movies in self development industry? Everybody knows 'The Opus.' Ver meeren: Well it is kind of funny. I've always loved movies in fact the very first time I was on a movie set, was in the second grade as a background extra. I'd never seen personal development nor was I every been aware of it. I went to school for screen-writing and film production and I just fell in love with the movie business. I think you can blame movies like 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' and all these big blockbusters growing up. Blame Lucas and Spielberg for who I am today! When I got into college, I had my first brush with personal development. Someone gave me a copy of the book 'Think and Grow Rich.' I read it. From there, I started my interviews with the top achievers. Then in 2006 ,the movie 'The Secret' came out and it had some really big numbers. The strange thing is that before 'The Secret' came out, I wanted to do a movie interviewing these top achievers that I had met, but no one was interested! No one wanted to help me fund raise for it or distribute it or even film it. When 'The Secret' came out, I realized that I knew many of the speakers from 'The Secret' before it was released. That gave me the opportunity to get on the phone and chat with guys like John DeMartini, Bob Doyle, Marci Shimoff and Jack Canfield and say to them, "Listen, I am making a movie." My timing was pretty great because our film came out just as 'The Secret' was hitting its peak and everybody wanted to see it right away. What's so funny is that I had many of the same cast as 'The Secret.' Immediately people started calling my film the 'Sequel to The Secret.' But we were not affiliated with it in any way. Even some of the marketing people used that slogan because we had affiliates selling it right. They said, "it's not a secret anymore!" The next step had arrived. If you watch the film or any of the films that I did, they're very different than anything that's out there. Like 'The Opus,' we tried the opposite which was to put a storyline in, where 'The Secret' is just kind of the vignettes. This was a wonderful beginning to a conversation. I love what they did. I always will be a big fan of 'The Secret' but in ours, we try to weave a story through it. Our character takes you from a vision of what you want to be, to ultimately create a workable plan to improve the performance in your life. One of the things I wanted to emphasize in our second movie was that I found a disconnect between what the success books were teaching and what the very successful people that I interviewed were really practicing. One of the big things that was lacking was about goal setting and time management, and prioritizing... which are all valuable. But one big thing that they miss, like when I met with people like Oprah or Bob Proctor or whowever, is the principle Gratitude. So our second movie, I decided to make it about gratitude. We call it the Gratitude Experiment and I explored how gratitude can shift our lives and help open up doors of possibility. Ultimately what I've found is that everything that gratitude touches, it naturally expands, so if you want better relationships, abundance, and better health, or what ever, gratitude expands it. It's an amazing powerful force in the universe. And then our latest film has a lot more to do with the money aspect. It's called 'The Treasure Map' and it really focuses on the mind. I explore the mental aspect of abundance, but in the film we also share some very practical things that a person can do immediately that will build money into their lives. In that film, John Demartini, (John is one of my best friends) and he has been in all of my movies so far. We also had Loral Langemeier, Raymond Aaron, Marshall Sylver in there and a bunch of other really great people. What's funny is I should let you in on a secret. Jewels: You are going to do another movie! Ver meer an: Well, we've got a schedule now for about four more movies that I have a distribution Page 41