Law of Attraction Magazine January 2019 | Page 33

Jewels: Welcome Mr. Doug Vermeeren. I am so delighted to meet you. Ver meeren: Well thank you for having me. It's going to be fun. We're going have a good time. Jewels: Yes we will. And and I got to tell you I'm so impressed that for the last 20 years, you have been really going after all the secrets of the very accomplished and successful people. Ver meeren: Wow 20 years! You make me sound really old. Yes, it's been that long!. Time flies when you're having fun I guess. Jewels: So the first question I have, is a question that I get often asked... Is how do you get even to talk to those people that may not even know who you are. Now that's a very big successful secret right there! Ver meeren: Yes. I guess there's a few ways to answer that one and one of them is persistence, obviously. The other is to look for possibilities when those you talk to have access to certain individuals. You've got to you know know how to do that through the proper channels. But more often than not, you meet them cold. Usually you gain access through a connection. That kind of what happened to me when I was probably about 19. One of the first people that I was interviewing was a multi- millionaire. At that time, I didn't know much about meeting people or networking, but yet this multi-millionaire became a Mentor of mine for about six months. I was meeting with him every week. He said, "You know what, you've asked me a lot of great questions. But there's one question you haven't asked it's going to change everything for you. I said, "OK, well what's that?" He replied, "You haven't asked me who else I know that you should talk to." He was that's the magic question. Now every time I meet a successful person or they know someone that I thought could introduce me to someone, I would ask that question. You've heard of the idea that there is six degrees of separation...but not anymore. I honestly believe that with the advent of social media and the Internet, we're far closer connected and closer to everyone than you can imagine. A lot of times it's just a matter of that I want to meet someone. I'll just put it out to my network and I'll meet them. For example, that's how I met Oprah. That's how I met Ellen DeGeneres and that's how I met President Donald Trump. I met so many of these people by just mentioning to someone that I was interested and then they would go, "Oh yeah I know so and so.. Let me make a call." It's been really easy. Jewels: Oh wow. That's a great idea. I love your answer of "Put it out to your network! So after you meet these really successful people, what is the most common secret to their success? Ver meeren: Well, I see more success and yet success and wealth aren't always one of the same. Right now, I'm known as the #1 Passive Income Coach in the world. So wealth is a subject that I really like to talk a lot about because I believe that it comes right back to the 'Science of Getting Rich' by Napoleon Hill. How many have you known have ever praised poverty? The fact remains that a we are not truly successful until we are rich. I take that to mean that once we understand success and the true nature of how success is created. it really does mean creating abundance in all areas of our lives. All areas. When it comes to money, that's one of the ways we can actually have a tangible report card in the form our Bank Statement to see how well we understand success. I guess this is a bit of a challenge. There's a lot of well-meaning life coaches and energy teachers out there that are trying to share that. This is how you become successful. But they are lacking that financial part of their lives and so therefore it really undermines their credibility. The truth of the matter is that when we really understand what success is and how it manifests itself, it really does flow abundance into all areas of our lives. I guess one of the things that I like to tell my students is that you can't have one foot in scarcity and one foot in abundance and expect to attract abundance. You really need to have everything there. If you think about it, jealousy or criticism, are all really forms of scarcity. So if we say "I'm abundant in my life and I give and I bless everything BUT I left out MONEY," where does that leave me? With no money. What we're really doing is actually bringing in a form of criticism or or jealousy towards that form of success. We have really got to understand that to be fully abundant, we need to embrace all forms of abundance in whichever way it appears in our life. Jewels: Good point. So we cannot be afraid of getting rich. Some people including myself, have been afraid because "if I'm a success that means it's going to be twice as much work for me.". Ver meeren: It's interesting that people feel that being a massive success requires hard hard work. To tell you the truth , as a Page 35