Law of Attraction Magazine January 2019 | Page 28

Choices, Cust oms or Confor mit y By Law yer of At t r act ion, Paula Kidd Casey As we head into the new year, I am pondering a thought about the difference between traditions and complacency. I love traditions; they make you feel connected to the past, they are comfortable and comforting and they are familiar. A simple action (making cookies, wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies) evokes emotions that span decades. Traditions are the glue that binds generations, family, friends and memories together. But I realized last year that they can also allow us to become catatonic and blind to other possibilities that are also magical. Christmas Eve day is my favorite day of the year, more so than the actual day of Christmas. There is anticipation and excitement and magic in the air. We would always cook and wrap and watch movies and sing, preparing for the evening and the next day. It was the preparing and the expectation that brought the most joy. However, last Christmas Eve I didn?t repeat the same activities that I had done for the last 64 Christmas Eves. We drove two and one-half hours to my daughter?s house for Christmas with her family (and my two grandchildren, ages 3 and 6). I wanted to be with them more than with my ?traditions?. I live in Kansas and the drive is rather routine, boring and mundane (cold, drab and FLAT). I also yearn for Page 28