Law News for You Reality TVM: Mesh Implant Victims\' Stories - Page 5


“They took pictures during the surgery and I was given the photographs but over the years I lost them,” Christie explains, “but I still have my medical records. This is so embarrassing. Because of my accident, the lips of my vagina were so swollen and my pelvis was crushed.”

Christie was almost crushed to death. “My car stalled so I got out and opened the hood to see if I could find the problem. I wiggled a few wires and then it started and jumped out of gear in reverse. I tried to catch the car and it caught me up against a cement column—I was stuck between the car and the column. If a passerby hadn’t jumped into the car and turned off the ignition, it would have cut me in two.”

Her wounds healed, but not the transvaginal mesh. Christie says that the mesh never felt right. “It would roll around, I could feel something as big as my fist and I had to wait until it stopped moving before I could move. When it started moving I had to sit down. I assume that the mesh had come loose. And it started to hurt to the point that sexual intercourse was impossible…

"I am only 43 and the mother of two boys, but pretty young not to be able to be a woman. And another thing: I got pregnant a few times after the surgery and always miscarried. I was six months pregnant when I had the accident and I’ve been looking for someone to take out this mesh ever since. One doctor in Birmingham said I might be able to find a doctor who will take out the mesh but it would wind up killing me. I don’t know why he said that. Apparently he doesn’t think it is dangerous inside me.

"Fortunately I might be getting somewhere now that I have an attorney. I got my medical records from the hospital and sent them to the law firm. I was going to use a local attorney but they ended up losing some of my medical records—like I said, this is a hick town.”