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“My family doctor doesn’t want to hear from me about transvaginal mesh problems,” says Jacquelyn. “He thinks everything is related to my weight, which has been piling on over the years since the TVM surgery—there is just so much you can do when your movements are restricted. He thinks it is also related to anxiety and depression.

"Unfortunately it is hard to find another doctor here. I guess I could demand to have an MRI but why should I have to do that? I think a professional health care provider should be able to connect the dots and order the right tests to determine that this mesh is causing the pain. Every time I cough or sneeze the pain is quite sharp, severe occasionally when I sneeze or cough.

"I didn’t connect the dots until I saw the TV ads about transvaginal mesh lawsuits. That was an eye-opener, realizing so many other women are having the same problems that I am having. I guess my doctor doesn’t watch TV. Nor does he listen very well.

"And sex was an issue. Sometimes it hurt when we had sex so it affected my partner too—I knew he didn’t want to continue. And this TVM sling reduced my ability to be sexually gratified. I know it was both physical and psychological. Then you get to the point of ‘why bother’. And you are left with a scar for no reason. And I gained weight which hung over the adhesion of the scar. I couldn’t exercise because it would aggravate the incontinence symptoms—on an on…”

Before surgery Jacquelyn weighed about 150 lbs (she is 5’5”) and she now weighs in at 198 lbs. She hasn’t tipped the 200 mark yet but says she's inching towards it. She is trying to lose weight but it isn’t easy.

“If someone out there is doing revision surgery I would love to sign up,” Jacquelyn adds. “And I am interested in filing a transvaginal mesh claim if it can financially cover any costs for ongoing rehabilitation.

A physiotherapist told me that I can get Urophysio, a very specific type of treatment for urinary and pelvic issues but my health insurance runs out too quickly on other treatment (physio/chiro/massage for skeletal issues). Plus there is time away from work and costs to get there to consider—it all mounts up.”