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“I’ve had a few people in my lifetime who have set great examples, and I have tried to learn from everyone that I meet because everyone that you meet I believe, has something we learn from.” Dennis Hernandez Born and raised in Tampa Harvard Graduated by: Victor Padilla Victor Padilla: So, Dennis, tell us about yourself and your family history here in Tampa Dennis Hernandez: Well I was born in Tampa General, 5th Generation from Hillsborough County, my mom’s side was Florida Crackers Dennison Mobley’s Coopers and my dad’s side was Spanish and Cu ban. I’ve lived here all my life. Victor Padilla: So, what and who inspired you into become an attorney and get into law Dennis Hernandez: Sure, well first all I was the first person to go to college in my family and my grandfather was a waiter at the Colombian restaurant. He had a 5th grade education, he was born in west Tampa and grew up in the great depression and all that and I saw how hard his life was and he was the one that really emphasized the im- portance of education to me. My grandparents wanted me to be a Doctor, that’s kinda what I started out in, but I didn’t gravitate it as well to it, I real- ly wanted to help people who were unfortunate. Ive always, from the time I was young, probably 9 years old, Ive always had the feeling that my destiny in life was to help the Poor, so I gravitated towards a profes- sion where number one I could take care of myself because if you can’t take care of yourself it’s hard to take care of some- body else. So that’s what kind of pushed me toward wanting to make money and wanting to help people and seeing that Check out the Video Interview: people’s rights were violated just something that I believe so I de- in my own personal experience cided last year that I was going in my life, I felt that I could do to rent a float, you can rent them good in the world by becoming from the float company here in Tampa. I got Tico’s old float, a lawyer. they let me rent it, so we did it Victor Padilla: So, let’s talk about last year and we took the kids, your passion for the community made an announcement on TV, Free to them, and it turned out and for kids Dennis Hernandez: Sure, well great. The kids just had a great I’ve got 3 kids of my own, they time, even the non-verbal chil- are 13, 12, and 10 a daughter dren who were a little reserved, and two sons, my daughters got them on the boat, started the oldest, my youngest son is going to the crowd, screaming, 10 years old, he has down syn- throwing beads, and they just drome and he’s high functioning lit up, they were going bonkers, so has a really great vocabulary, so it was fun it was a good ex- which I’m very fortunate be- perience and the parents were cause there are Downs children so grateful it let me know the who are non-verbal, there are kids really enjoyed it. It was a Downs children who also have unique opportunity for them a Autism and other problems and lot of the parent told me they’ve they can’t communicate at all. never done anything like that I’ve been really fortunate that before coming from fairly poor my son is hilarious, I mean of families and so they don’t have all my kids, he’s the funniest. these kinds of opportunities. It He has the vocabulary and he was so gratifying that I said Im interacts with people well so a going to keep doing this so this couple years ago I took my kids is the 2nd year doing it, so were to the Gasparilla Parade, being creating, (my youngest son is from Tampa, I love all Tampa named Dennis also) the Dennis things, I love everything, the Hernandez Down Syndrome Tampa Skyline, West Tampa, Foundation here in Tampa. the buildings, the streets, the bricks in the roads that we have, Victor Padilla: So, tell us exact- I’m a Tampa kid you know? So ly what you do what your law I noticed going to Gasparilla firm is about and what you do that there were other children for the community through the that were special needs, and you law firm? know we always go to the kids Dennis Hernandez: Sure, well parade and the gay parade, and I think we do a lot of good for I noticed there were kids with the community through the law special needs and they were firm through the business. In spectators, so I thought you the law firm, all I do are motor know I don’t see anybody doing vehicle collisions, the injuries this so there’s a niche for it, it’s that occur from motor vehi- cle collisions. I have 7 lawyers T his I ssue of L atin T imes M agazine is sponsored by that works for me, and we have about 20 total staff. We have it set up in a system in which we produce maximum benefit for every client that we get. I mean my goal is that we get the best outcome for every single person that comes through the door, nobodies a number here. We pride ourselves on maximizing all the medical treatment that’s necessary for the person that they need and recovering every dime possible for that person. I would about 70 percent of our cases are in litigation meaning that the insurance company didn’t offer enough money, we file suit. If they don’t file enough money during the course of the lawsuit we fight it as long as necessary. I cover all costs the client doesn’t pay a dime, they don’t pay a penny of anything until the very end, until we get a recovery. I’ll pay whatever I have to pay, out of my pocket to get whoever I have to bring to put on a full case to the jury to get the maximum impact possi- ble. Dennis Hernandez Day or night 24/7 lawyer 1-855- Law DENNIS or (813) 250-0000 Catch the rest of this exciting interview online on our website: 25