Latin Times Magazine 1st Quarter 2018 - Page 17

Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla: Salu- dos Rita, thank you for taking the time to talk with me to- day! I am honored! You are LEGEND! Rita Moreno: Saludos, its my pleasure Jolie, how are you!? Have you seen One day at a time? Hahahah Oh she’s hilarious! You are go- ing to laugh so much, you are going to laugh so hard, you’re going to pee, I’m telling you, que te vas a orinar, mija. Or better say it as Lydia, my character, te vas a mear! Hahaha! Lydia is Cuban, the familia is Cuban, and my character Lydia is a real Diva. She’s hilarious, she has an accent, I use my mother’s ac- cent. Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla: God, Yes, lol. Lydia is a piece of work, she is hilarious. I love that they took this show and just turned it around! Rita Moreno: Lo mas lindo de eso es, (the wonderful part is) that they have found, which is very difficult to do, they found a great balance between the ‘latino-ness’ of it and the ‘americaness’ of it. She says things like, ‘I saw it on the Ju- Tube’ and it’s not invented, I’m simply doing my mom’s accent! She is very feisty, very opinionated and sooo vain! She really thinks she is God’s gift to Men. Hahahha, I love playing that kind of vanity, she is just so funny that you have to love her! Lydia is also sexy. When I was offered the part, by Nor- man Lira, I said I would love to do it on one condition, he said, “What?” and I said, “she has to still be a sexual per- son, just because she’s old or older, doesn’t mean she can’t still be sexual,” and for me opening my big mouth, they We were not selected for an Emmy now have me flirting with anything and this year, it really was kind of like a everyone. shock to everybody including the tv critics who were very upset about I mean this woman will flirt with a that, pero that was then this is now. fence post, she is shameless about her We look forward to the new season sexuality. It’s hilarious and of course and Im pretty sure (I just know) we the result of that is that the younger are going to get nominated next time. audience adore her because she is also Pero watch the show because for me in some ways very, very hip and con- to describe the show to you audience, temporary. She watches the ‘Jutube’ it’s really difficult, it’s about a family and things like that and the ‘ChatZnap’ without a father, nobody is an orphan hahahah. Sometimes I have difficulty but the mother and the husband are pronouncing the things they give me divorced. to say because they are so funny. Now doesn’t that make you want to watch It’s just a family with a young woman, the show? her mother, Me, who is a crazy diva! En este sentido, que you know we’re not leaving out the American audience. Were still very Latino without leaving out th e American audience that’s hard to do, it’s hard to accomplish that it’s a balance, that’s very delicate. You don’t want to speak too much Spanish and leave people out you know you can- not assume the entire world is Latino cause it’s not, even though we think so, especially Lydia. She is always ‘going back to Havana’, she’s very, very Cuban, she’s old fashioned, she is ‘of that time’, so everything she does is hilariously funny. Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla: Yes, I have! I love it and can hardly wait to see the 2nd Season on NETFLIX. Tell us about your role on “One Day at a Time” Rita Moreno: Here’s the thing, I can only tell you a little bit because Netflix is very fussy about having plot lines discussed before it goes on the air, so I can’t tell you a lot, but you get a huge example of what the show is like when you watch the first season. For one thing you know it got an insane amount of views.. Rita Moreno: What else can I tell you dear?? Visit our website for the rest of this exciting interview! There’s one scene where I sing Happy Birthday to somebody and I’m flirting with him and I tried to sing it like Mar- ilyn Monroe, remember how Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to Pres- ident Kennedy? [Yea}when she sang ‘Happy Birrrthday to ju, Happy Birrrth- day tooo juuuu..” Hahha its just really delicious and funny and you’re going to recommend and binge. I think that’s the best way to watch things now, binging that way you don’t have to wait for episodes.