Latin Times Magazine 1st Quarter 2018 - Page 11

Heros for Puerto Rico There are no words that I can say that would be enough! Thank you to the many Puerto Ricans across the country that went into action immediately after the catastrophe that is called Hurricane Maria hit our be- loved Island of Puerto Rico on September 20th, 2017. by: Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla For days leading up to it, I kept thinking, it’s going to shift direction -we prayed and prayed, but as we know, Hurricane Maria did hit Puerto Rico, and at its stron- gest possible category – I remember for days afterward I was glued to internet radio and social media channels that were coming out of Puerto Rico. There was so little news available, I think I cried continuously for an entire week, even now I continue to hurt and cry for our Is- land…. As most of us were, I was scared, I was worried, and I was sad…. Like many people, I was not reach my father for almost a month afterward. When I finally did hear from him I cried and thanked GOD that he was fine -but many people were not, many people lost their homes -many people lost their lives, and many people were forced to move with next to nothing, to many states through- out the U.S. For those people and families, and for the families that have chosen to remain in Puerto Rico, our prayers continue to be with you every day. It’s no secret that Puerto Ricans are patriotic people ¬-we love our Island, our people, and our flag….and that is why I decided to do this special feature. I wanted to share just some of the stories of those that helped and continue to help in the rebuilding of Puerto Rico -it’s just another way to say Thank you, for their effort, and for their sacrifices - ---I admire those people that have the courage to be on the front line, those who take action and make things happen, those with the will to work hard, and whose aim is to make a different and save lives. In this issue we are saying Thank you to Memphis Tennessee and Tampa Bay, Florida…. C heck out V ideo for P uerto R cio : https :// youtu . be / h R k Q x N ti A7U T his I ssue of L atin T imes M agazine is sponsored by 11