LatAm Market Briefing 2013 - Page 3

LatAm_latam 12/07/2013 17:57 Page 2 Shazam (cotinued) Americas. The investment will help accelerate Shazam’s ongoing growth in music, continued expansion into television and the development of innovative new products. “Shazam is defining a new category of media engagement which combines the power of mobile with traditional broadcast media and advertising to create compelling value added experiences for consumers, content providers and brands.” said Carlos Slim. “We are excited to bring this innovation to América Móvil subscribers as we continue to further differentiate our services as the market leader in Latin America.” “We are delighted to welcome América Móvil as an investor in Shazam as we execute on our mission to enable people to engage with content and brands in the easiest way possible whether they are interacting with television, music or in retail environments,” said Shazam executive chairman, Andrew Fisher. “This investment will help support our continued expansion as we seek to become an increasingly important part of people’s everyday lives. With over 350 million users we are have a deeper experience of music, TV and advertising l Sustained growth of more than two million new users each week. l Sales of digital goods are now over $300 million a year through affiliate partners such as iTunes, a figure that is doubling annually. “Shazam’s expansion into television has moved the company into an entirely new phase of growth with interactive advertising generating new sources of revenue and partnerships with broadcasters encouraging a broader group of people to use Shazam more frequently,” said Shazam CEO Rich Riley. “We look forward to working with América Móvil to launch these services in the region as we seek to increase our ubiquity throughout the world.” In the last year, Shazam has updated the design and increased the speed of its app for iOS and Android. In adition, earlier this month, Shazam launched a new app for iPad which included a new feature, Auto-Tagging, which helps people constantly recognise and engage with any media playing around them, automatically. excited to be partnering with América Móvil to further accelerate our growth throughout the Americas.” Since its last round of funding in 2011, Shazam has achieved tremendous growth and expanded its service from music into television and advertising with the following results: l The user base has more than doubled to 350 million people around the globe l The number of monthly active users has tripled to over 70 million as people increasingly use Shazam on their mobile device to Kaon DTH/Hybrid for GVT GVT of Brazil and Kaon have entered into a co-operation with respect to the new advanced DTH and Hybrid DTH/IP platforms to be launched for new GVT service offerings in Brazil. “GVT is probably the fastest expanding operator in the Brazilian market and we are proud to team up with our new powerful platforms,” commented Jeff Kim, Director of Sales, Kaon America Latina LTDA. In order to do build up true collaboration with this fast growing operator, KAON and Jabil Circuit, a provider of worldwide electronic manufacturing service and solutions, set up a regional manufacturing operation in Manaus, Amazonas where special tax incentive programmes have been provided as a Free Trade Industrial Zone. This regional operation enables support for GVT maximising efficiency of supply chain as time-to-market. The manufacturing operation got underway in Jabil’s Manaus manufacturing plants mid-March 2013 with the first delivery of digital set-topboxes from the plant made April 1 2013. Farncombe strengthens Brazilian presence European specialist video consultancy Farncombe has developed a strategic alliance with CMAG, a Brazilian marketing consulting firm to strengthen its presence in the region. The companies will work together to develop strategies for pay-TV operators and broadcasters in Latin America including IPTV and over-the-top services. “We have conducted projects with leading operators in Latin America including Brazil over the last two years, but we believe there are many more opportunities to further our reach and apply our experience in the country,” said Adriana Menezes Whiteley, Farncombe managing partner. “CMAG brings us local presence as well as ex \?Y[??H[?X\??][????]Y?H??X??[?H??[???Y?[?[?^KU?X\??]?\??]??[?]?\????\????]Y?H[?[\[Y[?][???X?????]?Y?][?[??\?]]??Y[??\??X?\??'H?[??[??YK?PQ??&\??S??ZY 8?'?H\?H?\?H^?]Y?\??\??]?\????X?H[?[?[??H?\????[????\?[?????^KU??\?]??[?HYYXH[?\??K??H?[Y]?H]\?Y?Y[Y[??[[???\?[[???[?]Y\??]?\?Y?H?\?X\??]?\?X\??[???\]]]?H[?[Y?[??H?\X?[]Y\??[?\????X?H?]]?]\??X[??Y[???'B??T?\?\???YZ[????[?X??\???]?T?[??[??\?H?[??[???\??X???X?\?????H\?X?\?Y^KU???Y\??\?X?[\?H[???^?[[??\??XK?^\?[???]X???\?X\?? ???[KH??]?H?X?H^KU???Y\???H?X???X?\??\?H??X?\? ?X[???H?X?H??X[?????X?H??[????X?H?[??X?X[??X?H??\?X??[?HK??\??[X?\??H[??][]H^KU??X???X?\??????Y?HT??]?????]\???H???Y?\?[??[?\?X??][?[Y\?X?N?H?\?]????]\?X???[?Y?? 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