LatAm Market Briefing 2013 - Page 28 1 7/4/2013 6:43:36 AM Solutions for MDUs Hospitality Terrace QAM QAM to QAM (with Pro:Idiom®) • Supports up to 10 Multi-Stream CableCARDs™ for decryption of up to 60 programs • Provides secure HD content delivery to the newest digital capable TVs • Eliminates the need for in-room set-top box • Streamlines infrastructure requirements and reduces costs • Supports MPEG-2/4 SD and HD resolution • Encrypted or Clear QAM Output • Optional AUX module for local HD content insertion Pro:Idiom® is a registered trademark of Zenith Electronics C M Y CM TC600 Multi-Channel QAM to Analog RF Converter • • • • • • • Supports up to 6 Multi-Stream CableCARDs™ 8 discrete QAM tuners Decrypts 36 MPEG-2 Services Converts up to 46 digital programs to analog NTSC channels Compact 1 RU design saves space and power Low frequency and high frequency versions available Stacked configuration allows for up to 90 programs MY CY CMY K CableVista GbE to Analog Conversion • • • • • • • • Hot swappable components Decode up to 24 channels (NTSC), up to 12 channels (PAL) Modular 1RU chassis GbE redundancy N+1 output redundancy Supports Unicast and Multicast IP input Spanish subtitling NTSC baseband, RF, PAL versions Call: 888-292-8266 Email: [email protected]