LatAm Market Briefing 2013 | Page 21

inview_inview 12/07/2013 18:00 Page 2 COMPANY CONTRIBUTION cost effective software solution, though. Cost is insignificant if the service delivered is basic as well. Using our extensive experience in user viewing behaviours, we have created a compelling user experience that delivers both pay-TV and OTT content in one seamless user interface (UI). We have also developed the tools and modules required to support this by creating a content management system (CMS) that integrates with an Operator’s existing delivery equipment, back end and billing systems. The first deployments of this CMS took place in 2011 with the launch of our retail OTT service across Europe. In areas where internet access is poor or nonexistent, we offer a broadcast VOD solution. Based on our experience in the European market, we can enable VOD, gaming and information services over the broadcast channel, giving Operators a true entry level offering to their subscribers. As Internet services improve, Operators can easily ‘upgrade’ each broadcast VoD user with an over the air update, bringing the subscriber into the main hybrid OTT customer sales process. At the front end, we have made sure that each service is scalable by ensuring our platform can deliver to multiple devices. So for subscribers who want a ‘TV Everywhere’ solution, Liberator delivers content to tablets, PCs and mobile phones, not just the TV. A key part of our seamless UI is our search and recommendation engine, which uses inputted metadata to generate alternative viewing options – a crucial element to making it easier for the end user to navigate the wide range of content now available to them. But the Inview search and recommendation engine is also a learning machine. It captures and assesses all user activity in morning, chat shows during the day, kids cartoons in late afternoon and family entertainment in the evening, all on one record, add them to their own viewing schedule or set them up to watch on an alternative device – all of which can be achieved without any additional hardware costs from the Operator. The viewer is providing the equipment, the Operator is providing the service. This is where Liberator comes into its own. Our platform enables all of the services that an Operator needs to provide either a pure OTT or a hybrid TV/OTT offering. The same platform can give basic users access to OTT content via a UI that is normally only seen on more advanced, expensive platforms. The additional services, such as multiscreen functionality, second screen support, search and recommendations can be offered to the next subscriber levels. These services are always there, waiting for the subscribers to upgrade to a more premium offering, generating higher ARPUs without expensive equipment outlays. So, with Inview’s Liberator platform, Operators across Latin America no longer have to consider expensive rollouts that are only relevant to a percentage of their subscriber base. Now the Operator has complete flexibility on what to offer each subscription level without the need to support multivariate CPE, giving them the advantage in what is set to be, over the next few years, one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world. For more information on Inview and the Liberator platform, visit or email [email protected]. order to put forward the best programmes that will suit their viewing habits and preferences. This then creates a unique Schedule guide for the ?\?Z? XZ?[??H??[H????\???[\?HH?^\?Y[??H?\?\???[?\??YK?[?[??Y]????Y[H??[??[??K??[???\????XZ?\??]?????[[Y\?[?B????Y[K?]?[]?[??H??H??H?[Z[K??\??X????Y[?\?\?H?\?H?H???\?[????\?\???[\?][?????Y]?\???]X?]???X\??\??[??????HH???[[Z[??[??[??[?]\?H?[]?[??[H?]?][?\??\?[???]HXZ[??Y]?[??^\?Y[??H?H??] ?^H?[??]???[[Y\???USH??YY?[?? ?B??