#LandlordLife Newsletter Issue 1 - Page 3

TESTIMONIALS “I had a house which I wasn’t able to sell using a real estate agent. I had already moved to another city and I really needed to get this house sold. I did now want to become an out of town landlord and I was especially concerned with the declining market and losing all of my equity. I spoke with Aaron about my options. After several discussions. He agreed to come in and fix up the house, handle all the marketing and take care of the paperwork at no cost to me. I could not believe he did all the repairs and sold my house in just 57 days and I netted 30 percent more than I thought. They are true professionals and you can trust them to do what they promise. I highly recommend their services.” Chris L. Riverside, CA Carl had been a landlord for many years. As he moved towards retirement, he wanted to simplify his life and decided he no longer wanted to be involved in managing tenants and property. Carl received one of my letters and gave me a call. We came to an agreement that worked for both of us and we closed on his house and cashed him out withing 10 days. Carl got a fair offer and now can focus his time and energy on things that are more important to him. As always, we bought the property in its AS-IS condition. “I decided to sell my summer rental house and enjoy my life a little more and stop dealing with it. I’d been getting a bunch of letters and postcards from investors looking to by it. But I decided to call Aaron because I saw the other video on his website and I felt his were the most professional and I could trust him. And do you know what, he did not let me down. So, if you need to sell a house don’t waste your time with anyone else. Call Aaron.” Carl L.