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Contents LANDLORDVOICE C harles Darwin once said species most likely to survive were those which can adapt to change. And this has been especially true of our economies over recent years. One which has a long tradition of innovation is that of Birmingham. Landlord News So this month Landlord Voice features the UK’s second city – which set the standard for inventiveness during the Industrial Revolution with developments such as the world’s first cotton mill and the industrial steam engine. Like many of our traditional industrial cities, Birmingham has turned its attentions towards financial and professional service industries these days and is now home to the likes of Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and KPMG. But it still retains a strong manufacturing presence with its famous jewellery quarter still home to more than 400 businesses producing around 40 per cent of the UK’s jewellery, two Jaguar Land Rover plants and Goodyear Dunlop all part of the mix. • News Roundup The latest landlord news and regulations. Page 4 • Selective Licensing P9 Councils’ powers reduced and find out if your property will be affected. Page 6 • Landlord lessons: dealing with damp James Davis Birmingham’s population has a higher than average number of people under the age of 34, with 23 percent being under 16. And with plans set for the HS2 rail link between the city and London to begin construction in 2017 there will be no shortage of workers in need of a home to rent. Expert Opinion With that in mind we take a look at what the city’s neighbourhoods have to offer landlords and their tenants in our Birmingham in Focus section, then take a look at the numbers with a breakdown of rent and house sale prices and housing by tenure. We take you through diagnosis and solutions. Page 20 Columnist James Davis, of Upad, on problem tenants and adhering to the legal process. Page 9 We interview landlord law blogger Tessa Shepperson for a round-up of the latest developments, while our columnist this month is James Davis, CEO of online letting agent Upad – a national lettings agency tailored to selfmanaging landlords. • James Davis • Tessa Shepperson Interview with Tessa -“ignorance is no excuse”. Page 18 Our news section features a round-up of the latest UK landlord-related legislative developments and an in-depth look at the selective licensing scheme and its implications, while our tips section looks at the problem of damp and how to deal with it. P10 Birmingham in Focus We also feature our regular look at our featured city through the years. Birmingham in Focus And lastly, a quick reminder that our publication is called Landlord Voice, so if you have a view or some experience you would like to share with others please write to me via the email address at the bottom of this page. • City Snapshots Ben McVay Landlord Voice editor. [email protected]. Tessa Shepperson P18 A closer look at Birmingham’s residential areas. Page 10 • In Numbers Birmingham house and rental prices, property types and tenure. Page 14 • Birmingham Through The Years A look at the city’s key moments. Page 16 Landlord Voice | MAY 2015 | P3