LandEscape Art Review - Page 58

LandE scape

LandEscape meets

Jacob Weeks

An interview by Katherine Williams , curator and Josh Ryder , curator landescape @ europe . com
Visual artist and photographer Jacob Weeks ' s work considers the relationship between direct experience and visual intepretation , to draw the viewers through a multilayered journey . In his projects that we ' ll be discussing in the following pages he has captured the uncanny of the places with unconventional sensitiveness , to trigger the viewers ' perceptual parameters . One of the most impressive aspects of Weeks ' s work is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of questioning contemporary visualization practice that intends to draw the viewers into an immersive , intense visual experience : we are very pleased to introduce our readers to his stimulating and multifaceted artistic production .
Hello Jacob and welcome to LandEscape : we would start this interview with a couple of questions about your multifaceted background . You have a solid formal training and you hold a MA of Fine Art Photography , that you received from the University for the Creative Arts , Canterbury : how does this experience