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Melisa King

Lives and works in Istanbul , Turkey
The Sun is God by Melisa King

T he Sun is God ”: These precious words belongs to Joseph Mallord William Turner , the painter of light , as his last words in his death bed . These words describes my perception of life in the process of painting . I symbolize the sun as the source of creation and I interpret everything it ’ s light touches as divine .

I adore natural forms and feel enthusiastic about transferring them on to a canvas to share and celebrate this beauty with the viewer . I have a passion of painting the sky , landscapes animals , flowers as well as I love to paint human beings as natural forms . In my perception , a human being is as delicate as a flower but most of the time it is harder for us to realize . It is easier to see the majesty of the sky then to see in our own forms .
On the other hand , in this series , I also have paintings of simply single plants . Just again to emphasize that beauty is not always can be found on a large scale , but also in a plant ’ s roots as well .
I like to find similarities and connecting natural forms . For example I see a visual and essential connection between the form of a Bird of Paradise flower and the Hornbill bird and I bring those two separate paintings to make a diptych . Or , in my perception there is a connection between a Baobab Flower , Antelope and Zucchini Flower . So that connection I see urges me to show them together as a triptych . These similarities that I see in nature takes me to the conclusion that everything merges into each other . And for me everything that the Sun touches or gives life is fascinating and beautiful .
I often use horizon lines in my paintings not only as a visual aspect but also in a symbolic manner .
Intersection of the land and the sky represents the “ eternity ” for me . This matter of eternity , inevitably touches the subject of time . At this point I agree with the idea of Polish- French painter Balthus as defining the art as time suspended . In all of my paintings figures , animals , plants , land and sky all look , grow or move slowly as if time has opened up another dimension and there is no need to rush . In that sense , I believe paintings have the power to make a pause in the time . The timing aspect of my paintings constitutes of long lasting movements , rather than immediate ones because I am more interested in the emotion rather than the action . I am not just seeking to crystallize the time but also to crystallize the emotions . Because paintings are extensive carriers of emotions , they hold it and transfer it to the viewer eternally because they are immortal .
All of the objects in my paintings are willing to make interaction with the viewer . They are open to show themselves up and make a connection with their size or the way they contact . Animals and human beings in my paintings makes direct eye contact with the observer .
In my Sun is God series , there are oil paintings as well as colored pencil , ink , dry pastel , watercolor on paper works . Even though materials may differ I sometimes leave blank spaces on the canvas or paper , untouched parts to signify the “ silence ”. So when I characterize the white canvas as silence , I define the painting on it as life or at least my interpretation of life . Persian Poet Hafez describes my interpretation perfectly with these words ;
“ Even after all this time the Sun never says to the Earth “ You owe me ”. Look what happens with a love like that . It lights up the whole sky .”