LandEscape Art Review Special Issue - Page 110

LandE scape

Nora Maccoby
Ouspensky , and the 4th way schools . Percival talks about Self Government IS Democracy , as in , the utopian notion of democracy is only possible if individuals are self governing to begin with . So I see my body / personality , that identify , as the vehicle to experience this life , but it is not my entirety or the core truth of me .
So the aesthetic problem … in general … that requires a little more detail regarding my cultural substratum which gets more arcane because my parents were obsessed with this and how it applies to culture and the artistic creation of culture itself .
My parents met at Harvard Summer School in 1959 . My mother was a painter and working in a laboratory with Leo Zilard who was on the Manhattan Project . My father had just gotten his Phd and had 2 job offers . Go to DC and be on the National Security Council , or go to Mexico and work with Erich Fromm on the study of Biophilia vs Necrophilia . Love of life vs love of death . My dad chose to study and attempt to grow the principles for a culture based in Biophilia . We were raised without any religious identity - we were educated however in many theologies and encouraged to think for ourselves . My family has been very involved with a Catholic orphanage in 9 different countries now , Our Little Brothers and Sisters ( NPH ), and interfaith dialogues . My mom was very passionate about the need for beauty , landscape especially . Everywhere we went , she would talk to us about how to “ see ” the world , how god was color and light , how mothers were the greatest artists and children the greatest art . My sisters and I were born in Mexico , in a cultural community of expatriates and revolutionaries working to create a great society that could merge the best of westernism with the values of the indigenous people of the world .
My Dad started working actively against the Vietnam War and we ended up in DC where he was at the Institute for Policy Studies for a number of years before he left to develop projects to humanize work in US , Scotland , Sweden , etc . We had the Pentagon Papers in our house and people fleeing the massacres in Argentina and Chile . So for the 70s and 80s we lived in DC and Mexico in the summer . I was 8 when