LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue | Page 20

LandE scape

Lives and works in New York metropolitan area , USA

A s an international artist and designer , I am fascinated by the splendid cultures and great architectural achievements . After years of world travel , this project contains fifteen abstract photographs captured on four continents . This growing body of work reveals the exquisite beauty of architectural design in natural light , the geometric transformation of space , and the magnificent cultural identities .

As a Chinese woman artist living in the Western world , I am aware of art , literature , philosophy , and mythology from both cultures . My understanding of Chinese philosophies has shaped my thinking and conduct . The prudent and contrary-minded Taoist beliefs , the attached-tothe-earth reality of Confucianism , and the sudden enlightenment and intuitive insights of Zen are the foundation of my life . On the other hand , Western culture has inspired me and opened new ways of thinking .
Developing a personal visual language that expresses universal ideas , I create artworks for the stories and aesthetics of each image , and for making visible those concepts which reflect my personal experiences . I want my viewers to look at my images through magical windows into a deep secondary space .
Inspired by nature and multiple cultures , my artwork explores our common humanity , diverse society , and my inner voyage . Creating artwork required me to realize my nature , restudy my culture , and adapt new thinking , which resulted in a new perspective on life . It has also challenged me to constantly solve visual problems , learn new techniques , and explore the splendid human heritage . My images form a visual communication that interacts in several collective dialogues . These dialogues are between eternity and transience , oneness and variety , existence and emptiness . Beyond various techniques and conceptions , the process of creating and making art has enchanted me .
At the core of my art-making is an attempt to attain moments of transcendence , to reach the artless-art , emptiness , and egolessness . My artistic creation is a process of deciphering my life journey .
Jing Zhou www . jingzhoustudio . net